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About Us

We are a great team of happy groomers who really care about our doggie clients. We love our chosen careers and can't imagine doing any other job!

At Three Poodles we treat every dog with love, respect and kindness. Many of our clients have been coming to us for over 10 years. We want your dog to leave feeling good on the inside as well as looking good on the outside. We always aim to do our very best for the dog and his/her owner. We take note of health, skin, teeth, lumps and bumps etc. and always let the owners know after the groom. We practise holistic grooming and massage  and give extra attention to nervous dogs.

We all possess excellent handling skills which take time and experience to acquire. We are very confident with different breeds and all groom to a very high standard.

Our Team

Bridget Jones - Owner

Bridget has been grooming for over 16 years. She grew up on a Devonshire dairy farm with 3 border collies, horses, cows and sheep. She is a competent horse rider and worked with race horses for over 6 years as well as riding at the local pony club. She is a member of the New Zealand Groomers Association and has competed and been placed in competitions. Bridget is able to groom all breeds and breed-standard trims. She has taken and passed the practical Gun Dog Master Exam and the practical Terrier Master Exam, which count toward the New Zealand Master Groomer certification.


Mai Stevenson

Mai has been grooming for over 20 years, with 6 years spent in Japan. Having undergone 2 years training in Tokyo, Mai is able to provide Japanese-style trims in addition to NZ kennel club breed-standard styles. Mai is highly artistic and has a quiet, peaceful manner ideally suited to the grooming profession. 

Nobuka Kusanagi

Nobuka has been grooming for 21 years, 5 of which were spent in Japan after completing a 2-year training course. In addition to her practical grooming expertise, Nobu is also a highly-skilled tutor, having taught and mentored groomers in Japan and Australia.


Mikyla Le Fleming Douglas

Mikyla has been with Three Poodles for 8 years, and is a natural when it comes to dog grooming. In particular, her puppy handling skills are second-to-none! With her considerable artistic talents and friendly, calm, empathetic manner, she has proved to be a perfect fit for the Three Poodles team. On a personal level, Mikyla has grown up with a variety of animals over the years, has studied veterinary nursing, and is a skilled horse rider. She also has a marvellous sense of humour, which makes for a great working environment in the salon!

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