Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my dog when I bring it in for grooming?

We meet your dog and have some fun and a play with a few treats. When your dog is feeling comfortable, he​ / she will be pre-groomed (toenails cut, feet and sanitary areas clipped, and ears cleaned).

All dogs are shampooed twice and rinsed until squeaky clean! Moisturising conditioner, medicated shampoo or flea shampoo is available upon request.

Dogs are blow dried by hand (we don't cage dry), and we always use low-powered stand dryers or human hair dryers on puppies. We cover your dog's ears with a 'hoodie' (soft stretchy cotton fabric) to protect from the noise of the dryers.

Your dog is then carefully brushed out and all tangles and matts removed prior to the main grooming.

How long does it take to groom my dog?


A full groom takes between 2 and 3 hours. If only a bath and dry is required, this will take approximately one and a half hours.

Do you assess my dog's skin and coat condition?

Yes we do. We will always let the owner know if we find anything of concern, and will recommend a veterinary visit if required.

What products do you use to wash my dog?

We use our own specially formulated shampoo to prevent any skin irritation and to ensure a clean, healthy and glossy coat.

What types of dog do you groom?

We accommodate small and medium sized dogs. Large dogs are by mutual agreement.

What if my dog has a tendency to bite?

Be sure to let us know, and we will assess your dog at the time of arrival in order to determine the best grooming approach.

Do you groom puppies?

Yes we do. We take extra care with puppies so that they are not stressed or rushed in any way, and we aim to make their grooming a positive and enjoyable experience.


Where is my dog kept afterwards?

We have comfortable armchairs located alongside our groomers for the dogs to relax in, and they are free to socialise and play.

Do I need to toilet my dog before bringing it to the salon?

Yes please!

How do I pay?

We accept cash, cheques (business or personal) and smartphone payments.

What are your business hours?

We are open Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 4.30pm. We are closed on Sunday and Monday.